25 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Incredibly

#7 – This man is just doing what the sign says

Brought up in Chattanooga close to the Tennessee River, Barks spent quite a bit of his youth on the grounds of the Baylor School, where his dad was the superintendent and where he grew up adoring words, moving, and the old oaks, dark beetles, and persimmon trees that gave shade. He now lives not very a long way from the University of Georgia, where he showed verse and exploratory writing for more than 30 years. Barks has a major, southern-arched, convulsive method for giggling that much of the time intersperses his sentences. It’s hard not to participate in light of the fact that he is by all accounts having some good times considering Rumi’s lessons and what they enlighten us regarding life’s delights and absurdities, substantial and little.