25 Silly Jokes That Are Funny Enough To Make You Laugh

Some of our friends are dumb enough they make silly jokes all the time. So, maybe it’s the joke of the day or may be a riddle. When we think this joke it doesn’t look funny very much. But as per situation, accent and expression of the person it gets funny even joke itself is dump. We call such jokes as a dumb joke not to be funny. A thing that somebody says to bring about diversion or chuckling, particularly a story with an entertaining punchline is known as joke. Today’s jokes, while they are certainly eye move commendable, and possibly father jokey, share one thing in like manner – they are moronic. Exceptionally imbecilic. Some of you will appreciate these comical jokes, others less so. In any case, you might have the capacity to at any rate engage your companions a tad bit with your madly dry diversion.

Here we have collected 25 silly jokes that are funny in reality as per situation, so don’t forget to like and share:

#25 – Why can’t dinosaurs clap?

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When you do ask some of your stupid friends that why the dinosaurs can clap, they reply “because they’re dead”. It doesn’t look funny but such friends make it funny because you get serious that time while saying this joke.