25 Most Funny Looking Buildings

#01 – The Hole House (Texas, USA)

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The hole house is a building that we are sure you wouldn’t like to see second time. LOL. This building is a funny looking building because of its weird architecture that is why it is also famous as most weird building in this world. At the point when two houses were slated for pulverization, specialists came and chose to exploit the reality. Despite the fact that it has now been wrecked, for a couple of months it was actually a house with an opening in it. Today we are going to visit one of the secretive and magnificent manifestations of nature. This structure can be known as a wonderful craftsmanship extend by nature. The structure is an eventual outcome of an appalling characteristic catastrophe. The building was one of the significant vacation destinations of Texas in the United States of America. It resembled a bit of craftsmanship made by god himself.