25 Most Funny Looking Buildings

#03 – House Between The Rocks (France)

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This is one of most lovely building of this world. It is not funny if we see its location as it is present in the most charming place. But if we think about the person who make it in such a far place than it really looks funny. We don’t know why, but rather obviously constructing houses between rocks is cool these days.The house has her back turned towards the ocean, against which her proprietor tried to ensure her by building the house in a support between the two rocks to shield her from the brutal tempests that regular this place. The modest house was implicit 1861, when building grants did not exist, where anybody could work voluntarily. After the demise of her unique proprietor, Castel Meur filled in as the second home to the relative’s family who lived here sporadically. The present tenant, the granddaughter of the principal ace of the house, has lived here since 2004 subsequent to offering her business in America and returning back to her territory.