25 Funniest Plastic Surgery Fails

Everyone is unsatisfied with the way how it looks. Even the persons who are proclaimed by the others as gorgeous are unhappy with the way how they look. The most common reason why more and more people aren’t happy with the way how they look like is the massive media. The massive media such as the Internet, magazines, and newspaper publish daily the pictures of skinny and handsome models and thus openly show what physical traits are desirable and which aren’t.

Now, the persons who see those pictures acknowledge to themselves that they don’t look as appealing as the today’s beauty standards advocate. And do you know what those persons do in turn to become more desirable and sexy according to the “modern beauty standards?” They undergo plastic surgeries. Plastic surgeries can do wonders and enhance the way how someone looks. However, some people such as celebrities overdo with plastic surgeries and they make themselves even more unappealing than they were before. In this article, we will explore celebrities who have destroyed their natural beauty with plastic surgeries and who are laughed today at because of the way how the look. Now, let’s have a look at the 25 Funniest Plastic Surgery Fails:

#25 – Nikki Cox

We break the ice with the mildest case of plastic surgery fail in Hollywood, the actress Nikki Cox. Unlike the other celebrities who will appear on our list, Nikki doesn’t look so bad at all.

However, we have decided to feature her on our list because we are mad at her. We are mad at her because she destroyed her natural beauty with plastic surgery. That is why Nikki is a plastic surgery fail. Nikki, you shouldn’t ever undergo plastic surgeries and destroy that natural beauty of yours!