25 Funniest Photoshop Fails

It is always a great idea to spruce up the photos you want to post to Facebook or Instagram in Photoshop before you post them. However, Photoshop can either make you look hilarious or comely, there is nothing in between. Most people who want to appear more attractive in their photos by using Photoshop end up looking like pure drivelers.

In this article, we will feature some of the unluckiest Photoshop fails that will make you burst into tears from laughing. You will see all sorts of Photoshop fails in this article, from the people who have legs on legs to people who have an extra pair of limbs. Now, feel free to take a look at the 25 Funniest Photoshop Fails and be entertained:

#25 – Ten-Pack Instead of a Six-Pack

Every guy dreams of having strong abdominal muscles and a six-pack. The reason guys want to have a six-pack is because the girls find guys who have strong abdominal muscles extremely sexy. However, only a few guys will actually work hard to achieve a six-pack. The others will only photoshop a six-pack.

For example, the guy in the photo was too lazy to get a six-pack, so he decided to photoshop a six-pack. However, instead of creating a six-pack, he created a ten-pack! And he even dared to post such a fail photo on Facebook!