25 Funniest People Names

Probably all of you who are about to read this article have a name. And if you have a name, you most probably have a usual, run-of-the-mill name. Most of the people today share their name or surname with more than one million other people around the world. This means that you share your name most likely with more than one million people from every corner of the world.

However, we believe that people like Batman bin Superman or Destine Hooker don’t share their name or surname with anyone else in the world since no one wants to bear such embarrassing and hilarious names. And this article will be all about hilarious names and surnames or a combination of both. In this article, we will feature some of the funniest names in the world that will make you burst into tears from laughing. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends. Let’s have a look at the 25 Funniest People Names

#25 – Dick Champion

This dude who bears this hilarious name is a true champion! It takes a lot of courage to bear such a funny name and surname combination, doesn’t it? So, congratulations, Mr. Dick Champion for being so brave and accepting your name entirely and not changing it at all.

And do you know why Dick Champion is also a champion? Well, as you can see in the photo, he wakes up every day at 5 AM! Only a real champion wakes up so early.