25 3D Street Art that are fun to see

A artwork, work of art or art piece is a stylish physical thing or masterful creation. Art is a various collection of human exercises in performing art (fine arts) or auditory, making visual, demonstrating author’s technical and imaginative skills, expected to be acknowledged for their magnificence or passionate power. Street Art is a type of visual art mostly artist created on pavement such as town squares, streets and sidewalks with semi-permanent and impermanent materials such as chalk. 3d Street Art is actually a two dimensional artwork drawn on the street that seems like a three-dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective. These days 3d street artwork is gaining much more popularity. Here I would like to show you the list of some really funny 3d street art and I hope you will also like them too.

#25 – Lava Burst

Lava burst 3d street art created by Edgar Mueller. Surface of floor burst out and lava flows into a raging sea.  In the artwork artist exhibit a disaster in the town and people followed their daily schedule. Nothing resembles once it was. Mueller painting appears as a perfect disaster illusion if it looks from right point of view.